The Skilled Motorcycle Riders Association is a recognized 501(c)(3) organization that promotes motorcycle safety and we believe increased training and practice will save our lives on the road! 

Our purpose is to

  • promote the benefits of motorcycle rider training;
  • encourage riders to seek training and advocate for those that provide skills training;
  • raise awareness for motorcycle safety with riders and non-riders; and
  • host skills competitions for riders to receive training and compete.

The SMRA was created by riders with a passion for riding.  Our members believe that being a safe and defensive rider can only come with training and practice.  We work to know our machines and their limits; not with speed but with handling.   We believe that the turning, swerving and stopping skills we learn in a practice lot are building instincts for real life scenarios that we encounter on the roadways each and every day.

The SMRA believes all riders should learn proper techniques and continue to train to stay safe on the road. We encourage young riders to seek qualified MSF Coaches for instruction and to continue training in controlled environments to build the skills to be safe and defensive riders.

Our goal is to help all riders be better street riders and when on occasion, we find someone with the passion to take their skills to the next level; we provide opportunities for those riders to show case their skills in competitions.  These self-proclaimed “cone addicts” can be found all over the country setting up patterns in empty lots honing their skills for the next big event.  Come join us!

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Donate to Skilled Motorcycle Riders Association. Help us with our mission and to give more funds to this year's charity at NTXMC, Motorcops for Kids.

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